Cross Wrap introduces new innovations at Pollutec

  • 28/11/2016

cross wrap pollutec 2016

At Pollutec – the international exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services held in Lyon, France, Cross Wrap Ltd presents the company’s newest solutions that can further help waste management companies, waste-to energy plants, cement kilns and paper industry companies to utilize waste-based fuels RDF, SRF as well as MSW and recyclables more efficiently.

CW Direct Bale Wrapper for 2-ram balers wraps waste directly from the bale chamber – no ties or wires are needed. It is also available with wire tier option.

CW Bale Openers are the safest and most economical way to automatically separate the wires, ties and film from the baled material.

The company’s newest innovation, CW Dewiring machine efficiently removes wires from pulp bales, recyclable cardboard and paper bales, as well as from various recyclable material bales such as different types of plastics.

CW 2200 and CW 2500 Bale Wrappers have experienced remarkable improvements to answer the evolving waste management challenges even more efficiently.

According to company CEO Satu Kivelä, continuous product development is yet another example of Cross Wrap’s mission to stay as one of the frontrunners in the waste management industry. It all begins with listening to the evolving customer needs.

“Cross Wrap has been in the waste management business for over 20 years - we have delivered altogether 400 machines to 50 countries. We have always lead the technical development of the machinery, largely thanks to keeping our finger on the pulse of the market. The circular economy is here, and that means growing demand towards different ways to pack, store and transport waste.Our commitment to quality means commitment to being able to answer all customer needs, at all times.”

At Pollutec, Cross Wrap Ltd can be found at stand H3 G208.

Cross Wrap Ltd is a family owned business that builds and installs stretch film bale wrappers to pack various waste materials and recyclables for transport and storage. Cross Wrap product range also includes bale openers and dewiring machines that open up the bales when materials need to be utilized. In addition to waste and recyclables Cross Wrap operates in packaging wood based boards. The original cross wrapping method is patented globally and other patents for new innovations have followed.

Cross Wrap Oy Ltd
Teollisuustie 6,
FI-71800 Siilinjärvi, Finland

Tel. +358 17 287 0270

New products on Show

  • 17/08/2016

Cross Wrap presents its newest developments at the RWM Exhibition on 13th to 15th of September (Stand 5S50-T51).

cross wrap dewiring unit waste management wrapper
Cross Wrap Dewiring Unit

CW Dewiring is an automatic, safe and reliable way to handle unwrapped bales. It removes wires efficiently from pulp bales, recyclable cardboard and paper bales, as well as from various recyclable material bales such as different types of plastics. CW Dewiring also separates the wires from the material. It has low running costs and a capacity of up to 80 tons per hour.

cross wrap direct bale wrapper unit waste management
Cross Wrap Direct Bale Wrapper

CW Direct Bale Wrapper wraps the bales with no ties or wires fully automatically from 2-ram balers, thus providing less cost, improved productivity and a clean site. The CW wrapped bales are durable for transport and storage. The newest development offers more flexibility and savings with an optional wire tier feature. Bale any material and choose if they need to be only wired or only wrapped. Bale and run recyclables with just wire without wrap. Bale and wrap RDF and SRF without ties or wires. This solution offers huge investment savings with only one fully automatic baling and wrapping line for many different materials.