Season’s Greetings from Cross Wrap

As you may know, Santa Claus lives in Lapland, Finland. Back in the day, there was a lot of snow in Lapland. Today, there is less and less every year. This has made the dear Santa to worry. He will not be able to deliver gifts and happiness around the world without snow. Glaciers all over the world have been melting for at least the last 50 years, and the rate of melting is speeding up. Elves around the world have also been reporting news about climate change. They are reporting about oceans, warmer now than at any point in the last 50 years. Santa’s faithful guide Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is also worried. When oceans are getting warmer, hurricanes and other tropical storms will also be growing stronger. Rudolph’s flying is getting more and more difficult due to faster winds and heavier rains.

The earth is getting warmer day by day because of us people. We are adding heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere. We are burning fossil fuels and managing our waste poorly using too many open landfills.

This is why Santa sent his elves to solve this problem before Christmas. One of Santa's elves found a company called Cross Wrap in the middle of Finland. This firm is fighting against climate change with its miraculous wrapping machines. Santa was delighted by this excellent news. He sent a patrol of his best elves to help Cross Wrap to deliver these machines out into the world.

Happy Holidays from Cross Wrap, Finland.


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Season's Greetings

Happy Holidays from Cross Wrap, Finland

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