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Board packaging

The smartest way to package board is to Cross Wrap it.

The Cross Wrap automatic board packaging line ensures durable, “all sides covered” protection of boards and products from dirt and moisture for better handling and transport. Cross Wrap can package virtually any board, including plywood, MDF, veneer, OSB, particle boards, plasterboards. And Cross Wrap can package various sizes of board stacks on the very same line. Package boards smarter.

Old ways aren´t always the best

Before Cross Wrap, board manufacturers packed stacks of boards manually or semi-automatically with a pallet placed beneath stacked boards, and covers strapped at the corners in an attempt to minimize damage to the boards. This process required at least two employees per shift, and four to five different packaging materials, which led to high consumable costs. Plus the packaging materials required storage space. And unlike Cross Wrap, board stacks weren’t enclosed on all six sides, especially the top and bottom, leaving boards much more vulnerable to quality issues and serious damage due to unwanted moisture. During the handling and transport of traditional, strap-tied products, boards are free to slip, and straps are unable to handle the shifting weight and hold boards together. And when strapped boards are stored on top of each other, the straps on the bottom can become loosened. This causes even more board slipping and shifting, and potentially more board damage.

Re-thinking the way of packing

Fortunately those days are gone. Say goodbye to the cost and hassles of a strapping unit. Cross Wrap’s innovative, automatic, strap-free packaging method offers durable, all-sides-covered protection that better safeguards boards against multiple handlings and extreme weather and transport conditions. Cross Wrap requires no manual operation. And Cross Wrap can even package variable sizes of board stacks on the very same line. Cross Wrap helps you pack boards smarter.

Solutions for board manufacturers.
Cross Wrap machines

Solutions for board manufacturers.

CW Packaging line

CW Packaging line

All-sides-covered protection for extreme handling and transport conditions.

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