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Board packaging

The smartest way to pack boards is to Cross Wrap it.

Cross Wrap board packaging lines automatically pack a variety of stacked board sizes, all on the same line. Cross Wrap’s innovative, efficient, and cost-effective method packs board stacks using only stretch film.   No straps, no corner or side covers required. Board packaging lines may be equipped with feeding and storing conveyors, scales, automatic labelling, RFID identification, automatic bottom skid feeding system, and many other optional features.

Safeguarding boards

Cross Wrap’s innovative, strap-free packaging method provides durable, “all sides covered” packaging protection that better safeguards boards against the elements, and rough handling and transport conditions, thus minimizing board damage.

Fast and simple process

Cross Wrap eliminates the need for manual packing operations, simplifies and saves on packaging materials, and reduces labour costs. And the durable CW wrapping also provides a more visually appealing wrapped package, plus an option to enhance your company’s image with branded labeling.

Our Solutions for Board Packaging
Cross Wrap Machines

Our Solutions for Board Packaging

CW Packaging line

CW Packaging line

All-sides-covered protection for extreme handling and transport conditions.

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